Perdana Heights Shah Alam

Project : Bungalow @ Perdana Heights Shah Alam

A Modern Contemporary style Bungalow.

When it comes to living room, we have plenty to share not only we proposed the design, we pay extra attention to customise every corner of the living interior layout to complete the whole look and feel.


Make a bold statement with your staircase!


We can do wonders with the staircase with a few simple additions that go a long way to uplift the ground floor of your home. In this project, we have turn the staircase into smart storage beneath. Whatever your preference, we have a solution to your style and budget!


Essentially, dry and wet kitchen, we have lots of ideas to recommend with user friendly, stylish and workable kitchen in our past experiences from simple layout to the most complex one. A built in modern L-shape book and decoration wardrobe to accommodate the room space and with a hidden bathroom behind the wardrobe door! Aluminium reset handle and air-conditioning unit incorporated in the wardrobe to make it neat and tidy.